Friday, December 21, 2012

December Craziness

Well there is only 4 nights left until Christmas. We are also on countdown of 2 days until my baby's 4th birthday/party, then help organize a new community event: Our annual Baking Cookies with Mrs. Claus & Santa Day, plus help at the store for the last few busy days of shopping & last - host our family supper. It is all a whirl wind. As it is with everyone I know! Forever going too fast! Through it all I'm satisfied with myself to staying pretty diligent this month taking my Dec Daily photos and getting a few layouts completed every couple of days. It is extremely hard to sometimes justify focusing on personal tasks like this and then life events happen to remind you what is important and life priorities. Plus I find I'm much happier after spending a few minutes doing something I love. So starting one of my New Years resolutions early...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Traditions

So my goal is to be more active with my blog posts. Finding things I want to chat about regularly has been a challenge. So I'm going to focus on daily life. Whether its Gone Scrappin' In Bloom, family, etc. this will be my record keeping for memories. So this month I have also decided to do a December Daily album. I have wanted to for a few years and have the pictures, but I want to tackle the current year. This year I also started the tradition of Elf On a Shelf (Dec. 4 to be exact). We named him Jolly and already this in itself is creating a lot of moments I want to remember. So this month I'm focusing on my family's holiday moments I want to remember... Perfect for keeping track of my journaling. I am terrible for thinking I'll remember that and record it later, only to forget. Which drives my Scrapbooker self crazy. Early New Years resolution, with today's day and age of social media - this is my chance to preserve these precious little snippets in life, quick and easy, as I have my phone anyways... So here it goes...

Friday, November 9, 2012

November Events

I have always LOVED Christmas. And the store allows me to get into the spirit a little bit sooner (my husband makes us wait at home until at least Dec. 1st). Going into our 6th year at the store it was felt it was time for a change. So we decided to move around the store! That in itself was quite an overhaul and a few days later we were piling in the Christmas trees. Plus, not close this year during our annual holiday transformation. Never a dull moment at GSIB. It has been a LONG few weeks - and we aren't quite done yet (thank goodness we have until tomorrow night at 7:30 LOL - but I have to say it is worth it. It looks amazing. Freshening up the store. Adding more space in other areas and giving us a fresh perspective on thing's as we soon enter a new year... so until then we are cranking up the Christmas carols...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Mornings!

Yesterday I was in my glory opening and checking boxes and boxes of new arrivals! So many great new items for everyday, Halloween/Fall & Christmas. Today I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and realizing its the last Sunday of summer. My time has flown by and the kids are starting school this week. Dalyn in grade 3, Haley in Kindergarten, Noelle in Nursery. Kindergarten is a big milestone for me. I'm sad again but Haley couldn't be more thrilled. Now activities are going to start, the Clubhouse is still open, and tons of projects/events for GSIB in the works. There's always so much more to accomplish then the hours in a day allow, so I'm going to cuddle on the couch with my baby a little bit longer and enjoy our last Sunday of summer holidays.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Club HM Video

Check out the video explaining Club HM!

Try Heritage Makers today and get keepsakes made for the ones you love!

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If you're like most people, you'll be taking plenty of photos over the next year. Why not celebrate these precious photos in Heritage Makers at least once every month? Think of all the holidays, birthdays, family activities, and special occasions that need to be preserved and shared.
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Heritage Makers was founded on a vision of helping people capture and celebrate the stories of their lives. We usually document these experiences by taking photos. Unfortunately, most of the photos we take end up on the hard drives of our computers. We call this the “photo problem” and it gets worse each and every year.

Heritage Makers believes that photos without stories are memories lost. That’s why they developed a unique and powerful online software program called “Studio.”  With Studio you can transform your words and pictures into custom printed keepsakes that are uniquely yours. Essentially, we solve your photo problem by giving you a convenient way to get the photos you take every day out of your computer and into the hands and homes of those you love.

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It is amazing quality, made in the States (not overseas) and their support line are amazingly nice! But most importantly Studio is so easy to use (no matter your computer skill level) and allows me to be creative even with limited spare time! On days I want to let my creativity flow - I can create a project from scratch. More limited time available - I can use one of the great templates already created, drag and drop photos and voila I have a gift completed in a flash or if I have a bit more time I can start with a template as a quick base and then fully customize it to meet my needs and style! I order them in and have a  keepsake all completed! Plus, I can create so much more with items such as address labels, gift cards, canvasses, kids games - the options are endless! Try it today!!