Monday, September 28, 2009

!st Home Routes Concert was AMAZING!

We hosted our very first Home Routes concert the other night at GSIB. Alan Rhody was our musician and we were the last stop on his circuit!

He was fabulous and was a very good intro for us into the home routes program!

With 31 (plus 3 kids) we had a full house! He was the nicest guy to have stay at our house! And was a great way to explain to our 3 children (ages 4 1/2, 2 1/2 & 9 months) why we had people/song writer's coming to stay in our spare room. He is a Grandpa too - so our kids warmed up to him pretty quick!

Our old heritage general store was such a warm and cozy atmosphere and the acoustics were phenomenal with the wood walls & ceiling. A guest said it was a good/or even better then concerts in his home town of Jacksonville, FL.

I decided to bring my 3 little ones to the store for the 1st concert - my baby was clapping to the first two songs and then "crashed" for the entire evening. My 4 year old had to go home at intermission as he'd had enough. And my 2 1/2 year old opened "the dance floor" near the end of the evening. She was enthralled to say the least and was ready to dance all night. Can't wait to post those pictures.

Everyone thought Alan's music was excellent and loved how he gave background info on the songs - why he wrote them or why he liked such and such song or artist. It was such an easy going night and seemed to fly by. He gave everyone their money's worth by playing probably way longer then usual! But we loved it! We were toe tapping, slinging along and moving to the music! Being there - having a world class talented musician in Rossburn - in my store was like a dream coming true! I have always loved music and was always saying to my husband I wish we could go to concerts like these. Light bulb - it's happening right here!

I think the only thing I regret was not having as much time to visit with him. By the time: arrive/set up/eat/concert/bed/breakfast/pack up/leave - it happened so quick! Oh well maybe next time - I'm already starting a scrapbook!

Can't wait for our next one - David Stoddard on Oct. 25th. We already have very few seats left and after Alan's fantastic performance - we are assuming the calls will start flying in once word gets around! So call 859-3334 to reserve your seats!

Kelly & Brett Hunter Rossburn, MB

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Events!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome summer! The weather is beautiful and now I am back to work at the store (officially). I guess I have been playing hooky/maternity break for long enough!? Oh my – Noelle is 9 months! Yikes!

So… I look forward to visiting and catching up with everyone at GSIB! We have lots happening over the next few months (not enough room in this issue to fit them all in) but below is a brief rundown of everything. More details, coupons and info on our special 3 Day fall clearance in the magazine! Visit for more info!

Also, just a reminder that this month our Dinner Night is on Friday! We are serving homemade lasagna served with fresh baked garlic bread, Caesar salad and dessert! Only $12.99/person! Either eat in or take out! This would make a great supper to take out to the field! No prepping or stress required! Call 859-3334 to reserve!

GSIB Fall Event Listing:

24th Product Challenge Night 7:30 p.m.
25th Dinner Night (make a reservation or call for take out!)
26th Music in the House - Alan Rhody: Advance Tickets required. $15 per person / $90 for Season.
30th Sketch Night

5th Flower Arranging Class - 1 p.m. $35 - Thanksgiving Table Centre Piece Idea.
8th Wing’s Night 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.
14th Product Challenge - Hint: Halloween Supplies
21st Book Club 7 p.m.
22nd Halloween Party, Portrait Studio and begin the Rossburn Chamber of Commerce Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt.
23rd - 24th Scrap Pink Weekend Crop: p.m. on Friday
27th Flower Arranging Class - Create a fun and unique Halloween Arrangement 3 p.m. $35 all supplies included.
28th Christmas Card Class with Janet. 5 p.m. & 7p.m. Sign up for the time slot that works best for you or take both and make all your handmade Christmas cards for friends & family! $15/class. All supplies included. Bring basic tool kit and adhesive.
17th Photography Courses with Damian, Don’s Photo Wpg. Education Specialist. Class #1 Beyond “Auto” Seminar $40 (10 a.m.), Get your camera out of the “auto mode” and learn how to use your other settings.
Class #2 Mastering Your Camera! $50 (1 p.m.) Hands on workshop with Damian and one on one time to address questions regarding your own camera. Class #2 space is very limited! $80 for both classes.
25th Home Routes Concert: David Stoddard 7:30 p.m.
28th Digital Photo Book Class #1. $50. Includes 3 or 4 classes to create a photo book for yourself or perfect as a Christmas gift for friends or family. Examples include: Grandma’s Brag Book, Family Recipe Book, Best Friends, etc. Photo Book printing not included. Prices with vary on size of book individual would like to create.
29th Dinner Night
30th Rossburn Chamber of Commerce Halloween Haunt beginning at 5:30 p.m. at skating rink. Supper, laser tag, kids activities, casino games, prizes and more!
3rd “5” Workshop - Where will you be in 5 years?
Join Kelly and learn how the next five years can be the most exciting and satisfying years of your life - or just another five years. This workshop will include a "playbook for life" that features thought-provoking quotations and real-life examples to serve as both a spark and a road map. See how your dreams can really come true! 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the Healing Zone in Shoal Lake. $175/person. Includes “5” Workbook.
4th Digital Christmas Card Class: Create a Christmas card in time for the holiday season. 1 p.m. or 7 p.m. $5/person. Does not include card printing. Cost may vary depending on quantity and size.
10th CLOSED at 4 p.m. for Holiday Decorating
12th Member’s Only Sneak Peek Gala Party: Store open at 7 p.m. to Member’s Only Event! Enjoy complimentary appetizers, sparkling beverages and a special sneak peek at the Holiday unveiling before the Christmas Open House. Member’s must attend to receive a special limited edition ornament hand painted by Val!
13th -14th Christmas Open House: 1st 15 people each day to make a gift purchase over $25 will receive a limited hand painted ornament by Val.
13th Dinner & Dessert Night
16th Flower Arranging Class:1 p.m. Create a Christmas candle & floral table centerpiece. Just in time for the holiday season. $45. All supplies included.
19th Women’s Night:7:30 p.m. Guest speaker and Certified Life Coach - Thomasina Charney.
24th After School Kids Class: Ages 8 & Up. Decorative Tile $10.

1st Home Routes Concert: Bob Evans 8 p.m.
4th Chamber Christmas Community Event: lighted parade, activities, store specials, Christmas Tree, Wreath & Gingerbread House Auctions, food and more!
21st - 24th Countdown to Christmas!
23rd Book Club 7 p.m.

Watch for more events such as
Artist in the House, Women’s Night, etc!

Contest: Enter a 12x12 Halloween Layout featuring pictures from 2008 Halloween before Oct. 20th for a chance to win a $25 GSIB scrapbooking gift card!

Gone Scrappin' In Bloom

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Canada Day Challenge

Well I've been enjoying the nice weather. Last week I disappeared to the Lake with the kids for an entire week. It was really nice to get away from it all. Plus, it was Canada Day and we enjoyed the fireworks from our friends boat. This week I am busy with Dalyn's swimming lessons!

So this month's scrapbooking challenge is to subitted a one or two page layout celebrating this year's Canada Day. Please email or drop off your layouts by August 15th!

So far I seem to only be updating my blog every month but my goal is to be at least bi-weekly!

I am enjoying the summer so far and looking forward to more time spent at the lake. Dalyn & Haley (and Noelle) love the fresh air. And are excited for a bunch of firsts - fishing, boat rides - late nights around the camp fire and more. We also have LOTS happening at the Gone Scrappin' In Bloom. We are very excited to have one or two professional chefs come to the store and do some fantastic grilling on June 23rd. This will kick off our Christmas in July (23rd - 25th) with delicious lunch & dinner specials, free food samples, store specials and more! My staff and I are so excited and hope everyone can come take part and help us celebrate!

My good friends Lasha & Tawna are also planning Yoga classes with times ranging from early morning, lunch hour & evenings so there is a time that would accomodate almost everyone's schedule. I can't wait to sign up and try to soothe my ever active mind! :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

April Challenge Winner & May Challenge

Congratulations to Kelly Luhowy for winning the April Draw. Kelly come see me next week for your prize!
It seems April flew by and already it is the middle of May! Where does the time go when you are having fun?
I had a great Mother's Day relaxing with my kids. I even got a decorated spruce tree as my "Mudder's Day Tree!" So this month the challenge is to showcase a layout celebrating the relationship between a Mother & Child. This layout must be completed this month only and you have until June 15th to email or drop off your completed layout at the store to be entered to win a $25 prize package!

I am now busy sorting through the store and my house (including my scrapbook stash) for things to sell at my personal yard sale and my store yard sale. It is so hard deciding what to part with from my scrapbooking stash -but I really want to make room for new stuff. Even though I am a pack rat - my close friends know I love everything new. I am truly a latest and greatest type person! So as I have been telling my kids - it's time to clean house. The store is especially getting a thourough clean sweep this week so be sure to check out the yard sale this week and 70% Off clearance items next week. I only do a massice sale like this once a year - so now is the time to find some awesome shopping deals!

Happy scrappin' & until my next post - sign up for store news by email at


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Newsletter

Hello All,

Visit our website at for the latest newsletter.
It is full of information including:
  1. Unpcoming events, worshops and classes
  2. New month at a glance Cafe special menu
  3. New Arrivals
  4. LUG Bags
  5. Easter, Admin/Professional Day & Mother's Day Flowers

So check it out! It is always a great read and to see what is happening in Rosburn. Plus I always put pictures of my munchkins! Noelle is on the cover. Next week I will send out a Bloomin' News Bud with a bit more information on the Women's Night, Artist in the House, Some new classes we've just added and of course some weekly store specials!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

April Layout Challenge

My challenge for this month is to create a layout using a song for inspiration (like my layout "the Climb). Submissions:either email me your layouts to or leave your layouts at the store. Deadline to enter is April 30th and all entries will be entered to win a $25 prize package! No entry limit.

Happy Scrappin'

The Climb

Tonight I had fun creating these two layouts for Haley's Album. I'd been hearing "The Climb" evertime I turned around and then realized the words are so true. It's all in the Journey. And I wantHaley to always remember that. Of course I had my bag of stuff from the last product challenge night and new it was a perfect fit.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Gone Scrappin' In Bloom's first time blogging!! I am very excited to be able to post some quick news updates on the store, things happeing in my life and post some layouts or projects I'm working on!

Last night we hosted our first Around the World - Intro to Loose Teas event. It was very successful with all attendees learning about the different varieties, sampling each of the types we have, health benefits and much more. We had so much fun tasting and it was such a great experience. Especially, if you wondered what some tasted like and didn't want to buy a bag. Everyone had their own opinions on what was good, bad or mmm - so smooth!

I can't wait until the next one! We have a lot of great events planned so watch for the next monthly online magazine or the Bloomin' News Bud!

I can't wait for all your feedback!