Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Traditions

So my goal is to be more active with my blog posts. Finding things I want to chat about regularly has been a challenge. So I'm going to focus on daily life. Whether its Gone Scrappin' In Bloom, family, etc. this will be my record keeping for memories. So this month I have also decided to do a December Daily album. I have wanted to for a few years and have the pictures, but I want to tackle the current year. This year I also started the tradition of Elf On a Shelf (Dec. 4 to be exact). We named him Jolly and already this in itself is creating a lot of moments I want to remember. So this month I'm focusing on my family's holiday moments I want to remember... Perfect for keeping track of my journaling. I am terrible for thinking I'll remember that and record it later, only to forget. Which drives my Scrapbooker self crazy. Early New Years resolution, with today's day and age of social media - this is my chance to preserve these precious little snippets in life, quick and easy, as I have my phone anyways... So here it goes...

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