Friday, December 21, 2012

December Craziness

Well there is only 4 nights left until Christmas. We are also on countdown of 2 days until my baby's 4th birthday/party, then help organize a new community event: Our annual Baking Cookies with Mrs. Claus & Santa Day, plus help at the store for the last few busy days of shopping & last - host our family supper. It is all a whirl wind. As it is with everyone I know! Forever going too fast! Through it all I'm satisfied with myself to staying pretty diligent this month taking my Dec Daily photos and getting a few layouts completed every couple of days. It is extremely hard to sometimes justify focusing on personal tasks like this and then life events happen to remind you what is important and life priorities. Plus I find I'm much happier after spending a few minutes doing something I love. So starting one of my New Years resolutions early...

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