Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Mornings!

Yesterday I was in my glory opening and checking boxes and boxes of new arrivals! So many great new items for everyday, Halloween/Fall & Christmas. Today I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and realizing its the last Sunday of summer. My time has flown by and the kids are starting school this week. Dalyn in grade 3, Haley in Kindergarten, Noelle in Nursery. Kindergarten is a big milestone for me. I'm sad again but Haley couldn't be more thrilled. Now activities are going to start, the Clubhouse is still open, and tons of projects/events for GSIB in the works. There's always so much more to accomplish then the hours in a day allow, so I'm going to cuddle on the couch with my baby a little bit longer and enjoy our last Sunday of summer holidays.

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