Friday, April 30, 2010

Finalist for the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award

I am so very excited and honored to be one of 23 finalists for the 18th Annual Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award (WEYA).

It has been such an amazing process. We each had to create a submission package for the judges highlighting our story and things we have accomplished. It was like a more creative business plan. Regardless of what happens I now have a book that shows me what I have accomplished in a short amount of time to make my dreams come true. I will be able to cherish it and hopefully add to it. See the link for the full press release!

I can't wait for the gala night on May 20th to find out who the winners are! Brett and I will be dressing up for a night out in Winnipeg at the Lombard. I am so excited and have my fingers and toes crossed. Wish me luck!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rossburn Easter Egg Hunt

A few years ago Kendra and I began an Easter Egg Hunt. We had 2 little boys and thought this would be so much fun for them. It's amazing how it has become a family tradition for our children and the memories they share.

Over the past few years we have had more children and lead even busier lives. So this year we were grateful for the Rossburn Chamber of Commerce take over, add a fantastic lunch and help it continue to be annual community event.

It will continue to be a family tradition for us and trust me there is nothing quite like watching 25-50 children running around gathering easter eggs. It is pure chaos but the most adorable! From ages 0-9, you never know what kind pure enjoyment you will see. It is an experience like no other!

Each of my 3 children vary so much. This year Dalyn had to gather as many eggs as possible, Haley wanted only "the pink" eggs and Noelle was content to scoop up just a couple - toddle around shaking eggs (she's just walking so a little unsteady). Each year Dalyn also looks forward to feeding the bunny a carrot (during Kendra's photo shoot). It's amazing that he has never forgotten this moment since he was 2. Their ability to remember the neatest things continues to astound me. When we started the Egg Hunt - Haley wasn't even a month old and Noelle wore that dress today. I also see how they are growing up so fast.

I am so grateful that our community will continue to host this event. Children from all around can come and begin new family traditions and memories - just like ours hope to enjoy this for year's to come! So mark on your calendars to come join in the fun next Easter in Rossburn!