Sunday, November 17, 2013

December Daily 2013

Christmas is my most absolute favourite time of the year. One of the reasons I picked December for my wedding and was also blessed with having a Christmas baby (22nd) so we have a lot happening! A few years ago I fell in love with December Daily scrapbook notion. This will be my third attempt. LOL
First year: Digital 12x12 pages. I got quite a few done. But needed to be done after Christmas so is added to my pile of projects started. Planning to finish...
Second year: Simple Stories and pocket pages are starting to get super popular. Thought I would attempt pocket page scrapbooking with starting a December Daily project. 12x12. Started great but I got overwhelmed with trying to work on each day, we introduced Elf on the Shelf to our kids - & its crazy daily antics, add in 3 kids, and a busy holiday retail store and well - it required too much thought to be a first of many things all at once in December. So I'm planning to finish it with my current December Daily project (now that I have mastered pocket pages in other ways) LOL.
This now leads into my third attempt. Goal of course is to finish it - but we will see. No pressure on myself. However, as I begin today I am off to a much better start then previous projects.
#1 It's NOVEMBER! YAY (This is HUGE - I'm a procrastinator!!)
#2 It's not 12x12. I'm getting out of my box in numerous ways but first I've chosen a Sn@p Album. 6x8 - much more feasible for quick and easy. I love 12x12 but when doing a December daily last year - I found some days I took way took many photos and other days I was lucky to snap one.
The point of my December Daily is to capture our family traditions and magic of Christmas.
#3 I've laid out the foundation. The topics I want featured and anything extra I can include can get put in as bonus pages. At least 1 - 4 photos allowed per topic - and I know what photos I always take of.
#4 So I got creating today and have a good chunk done or planned out.
#5 Primarily using Simple Stories 25 Days of Christmas & Handmade Holiday lines & BOBUNNY Elf Magic - but also trying to use up a ton of old stuff I have been hoarding.... so this one will be quite hodge podgy. :)

I still have some work to still do over the next few weeks on it. But so excited and the creative momentum is flowing. If I get the design part done all I have to do is print my key photos to fit and voila!!

Here is my start with a few work in progress pages. Tonight I already went back and added a few more details to each page. But quite thrilled with my start...
At least my children might have a finished project to view. 6x8 is also much more easier for my kids to handle. Normally my 12x12 albums weigh more then my 6 year old. :-)
Keep checking in for more photos to come soon! I hope! ;-)
XO Kel
 Changing old metal charms with Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks.

 Getting started...
 First page. :-) Love these elves and will be a perfect compliment to our Elf on the Shelf, Jolly.
 Trying out some "see-through" page elements.

 Cover - not finished. Still a work in progress.
 This is a hidden pocket on the inside cover. The plan is to put a bunch of fun instagram photos of our elf, Jolly's antics this season.

 Showing the hidden pocket on inside cover.

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