Friday, October 11, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102

I have had an amazing week enrolled in the online class Creative Chemistry 102 with Tim Holtz. I have loved following his creations for years, love his products, but usually stumped what to do with them! This was such a perfect opportunity to have fun and learn about his products - by the man himself. This week was learning all about his distress products and SO MANY techniques that he makes look so easy and fast! It had me dusting off my supplies and finally using - to make pretty things. I whizzed through 101 last week to get caught up and follow him live with 102. He is such an amazing talented man. This week has truly inspired me to get back into creating "out of my box", get back to getting dirty and having fun. Immersed in glitter, inks, paints and more. Each day he would post new lessons and videos. I was missing some key items (impatiently waiting for my shipment to arrive) but was able to follow along. Of course I watched videos on the couch, in my office, in the car ride home from Winnipeg (my husband wasn't completely impressed with me - but would chime in with an "I can do that!"?! LOL. Of course on the way home from Winnipeg, my kids also had to listen in. My 6 year old was hooked. She's my budding artist. We would have lunch or supper with videos playing and the girls watching over my shoulder, asking all kinds of questions. H about art, products and colours. N with questions about his rings, his work room, and such (she's 4 yrs old). Today is the last day of lessons and ended up with just H and I home tonight. As we started watching the first video, she asked "is he going to create a tag again?" - of course all the techniques are on tags so its a given. :-) I missed a part (had to grab her something from the kitchen) and she was the one to quickly inform me "he's using paint this time, cause the ink won't work for this part." Very astute and helpful my little one! I'm quite amazed how much product info actually seemed make sense to her this class. Kids are definitely more aware of certain things then we give them credit for. The lesson was on embossing and as the videos played she asked if I had all the supplies. I did for a couple of the techniques so she asked if we could go emboss... the two of us headed to my craft room, pulled out everything we needed and re-played the lesson! Below are our first attempts of two tags techniques we created. I love the first one. The 2nd one needs some fine tuning. Mostly because I just worked with the colours I had. So will be making a new one of that. H just loves the sparkle though!! We had so much fun! Glitter and embossing powder EVERYWHERE! When I started this class it was to inspire and spark a creative spirit in me that had been on the dormant side. I didn't expect to have my little girl inspired and caught up in my Tim Holtz craze - to join me on this creative journey. I can tell I will be learning from her in just a few years!

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