Thursday, August 11, 2011

Overdue Blog Update!!

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. With taking on our first season of running the Clubhouse it has been a hectic summer to say the least. We loved the opportunity to try new thing’s and without my fantastic staff we never would have pulled it off (at both places). I wanted something fun to showcase our favorite fresh recipes and a tester to expand GSIB. It has been a great experience, and we still have almost 2 months left before we close for the season. So… of course we aren’t through with planning events for the remainder of the season - and even though it seems ages away, we are madly gearing up for Fall & Christmas. Many people often ask, how do I manage with 3 little kids, a jam packed business, and life. It’s a lot of juggling (great grandparents and friends) but the store is a dream. It was designed to provide a balance with things that I love and it is home to us. Friends can usually hunt me down there. Being an escape isn’t just for me - our friends like to meet up there too. If you haven’t noticed I love all things that are creative and soul uplifting. The events I organize and the products we sell, are all items either I love (I use at home or gift giving) or have inspired me in some form and fashion. From locally made products (we have over 20 local suppliers) to Canadian made, environmentally friendly to pure and healthy to food for the soul. With a business as diverse as our selection, and my love of all good things (music, wine, food, scrapbooking, flowers, books, art, travel, bath stuff… the list is miles long) we will continue to grow the business in avenues that “Speak to our Inner Soul”. My goal is that everyone lives their “Dream Life” everyday and cherishes every moment. So watch our newsletter and mark your calendars. You do not want to miss out on any of our events. Take some time for yourself, a date with your spouse or gathering of friends, and stop saying …

“We have to set a date sometime”… and turn it into an actual date!

Some of our events only happen once… so life is too short to catch it the next time… it might not happen again. - Kel

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