Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PJ Princess Weekend Crop

Wow... it has been ages since my last blog post!! I really need to start updating more!! Now with Spring finally showing it's face and GSIB taking on the challenge and exciting opportunity to run the Rossman Lake Clubhouse this year I should definitely have more exciting comments to post more regularly! We have soooo many ideas to implement this summer - so this will be the place to watch!
This past week was a crazy week or musical chairs at the store! Wednesday we hosted our final Home Routes concert and fit 47 people into the event area!! Then .... set up tables on Thursday for our weekend crop to begin! So, we just wrapped up our annual PJ Princess Crop this past weekend at the store! We had an awesome time! I can't believe even I was able to start and finish 17 layouts!! The overall goal of the weekend retreats is now to make sure everyone gets plenty of goodies (over $100 to each person was in the deluxe goodie bag), eat tons of delicious food and non-stop scrapbooking to get lots done over a weekend. For some - this weekend is their only chance to scrapbook so I am so pleased when I hear how many layouts were completed and they can't wait for the next weekend crop and all of my goals are met!
My suppliers graciously donated lots of great items that became prizes for the Bingo, Most Pages Completed Award and Te Hide & Seek Hunt! Over 19 products (Stickers to cardstock packs) were hidden in the store for people to find. If you found it - you got to keep it!!
Patti won the draw to attend the next GSIB Weekend Crop Retreat (over $150 value). Thank you to all who attended and continue to provide feedback and ideas to making each weekend crop even better and more productive then the last! It's amazing how we seem to be improving at adding more tables and creating more space for people scrapbook and still plenty of room to move around!! The store is the perfect place proving way less interruptions to work flow and still maintaining a relaxing environment for all to have fun!
Plus wearing your PJ's and slippers all weekend is always a great bonus!
Watch for a summer scrapbooking event and our annual October Crop for the Cure registration forms to be posted on www.gonescrappin.ca !

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