Friday, March 20, 2009


Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Gone Scrappin' In Bloom's first time blogging!! I am very excited to be able to post some quick news updates on the store, things happeing in my life and post some layouts or projects I'm working on!

Last night we hosted our first Around the World - Intro to Loose Teas event. It was very successful with all attendees learning about the different varieties, sampling each of the types we have, health benefits and much more. We had so much fun tasting and it was such a great experience. Especially, if you wondered what some tasted like and didn't want to buy a bag. Everyone had their own opinions on what was good, bad or mmm - so smooth!

I can't wait until the next one! We have a lot of great events planned so watch for the next monthly online magazine or the Bloomin' News Bud!

I can't wait for all your feedback!

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