Monday, September 28, 2009

!st Home Routes Concert was AMAZING!

We hosted our very first Home Routes concert the other night at GSIB. Alan Rhody was our musician and we were the last stop on his circuit!

He was fabulous and was a very good intro for us into the home routes program!

With 31 (plus 3 kids) we had a full house! He was the nicest guy to have stay at our house! And was a great way to explain to our 3 children (ages 4 1/2, 2 1/2 & 9 months) why we had people/song writer's coming to stay in our spare room. He is a Grandpa too - so our kids warmed up to him pretty quick!

Our old heritage general store was such a warm and cozy atmosphere and the acoustics were phenomenal with the wood walls & ceiling. A guest said it was a good/or even better then concerts in his home town of Jacksonville, FL.

I decided to bring my 3 little ones to the store for the 1st concert - my baby was clapping to the first two songs and then "crashed" for the entire evening. My 4 year old had to go home at intermission as he'd had enough. And my 2 1/2 year old opened "the dance floor" near the end of the evening. She was enthralled to say the least and was ready to dance all night. Can't wait to post those pictures.

Everyone thought Alan's music was excellent and loved how he gave background info on the songs - why he wrote them or why he liked such and such song or artist. It was such an easy going night and seemed to fly by. He gave everyone their money's worth by playing probably way longer then usual! But we loved it! We were toe tapping, slinging along and moving to the music! Being there - having a world class talented musician in Rossburn - in my store was like a dream coming true! I have always loved music and was always saying to my husband I wish we could go to concerts like these. Light bulb - it's happening right here!

I think the only thing I regret was not having as much time to visit with him. By the time: arrive/set up/eat/concert/bed/breakfast/pack up/leave - it happened so quick! Oh well maybe next time - I'm already starting a scrapbook!

Can't wait for our next one - David Stoddard on Oct. 25th. We already have very few seats left and after Alan's fantastic performance - we are assuming the calls will start flying in once word gets around! So call 859-3334 to reserve your seats!

Kelly & Brett Hunter Rossburn, MB

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